The primary technology used by court reporters is computer aided transcription, or CAT. In simple terms, the reporter writes on a machine, which generates a digital output, which is then sent to a computer, either by a cable or wireless connection. The CAT software translates this digital signal into English, which may be immediately displayed on one or more monitors, or saved in a transcript file. The file may be edited, proofed and printed. The transcript provides most of a freelance reporter's income; for officials, it represents a source of income in addition to their base salary.

The basic CAT system has been around since the seventies. The school's first system was installed in the early eighties. However, these were large, commercial mini computers costing tens of thousands of dollars. Today, reporters (and the school) use current personal computers running Windows. The equipment cost is significantly less, and the software far more sophisticated.

Today, practically all hearing transcripts are produced by CAT. In addition to a printed copy of the transcript and a full-word index, there may also be a digital version on DVD which may include synchronized video and audio. This package of services may also be delivered by e-mail or a secure online service.

A school open house includes a demonstration of CAT equipment.

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