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The School and Court Reporting

Stenographic Institute, founded in 1971, is a registered business school which specializes in all phases of court reporting by means of a stenotype writer and computer aided transcription. The evening, diploma program leads to careers in court, freelance, hearing and convention reporting, and real-time closed captioning. The school’s translation systems feature the latest software.

Court reporters are responsible for making a verbatim record in two main areas of reporting: official and freelance. Official reporters are usually employed by the Office of Court Administration and work in the state’s court system. Freelance reporters take a variety of hearings such as depositions and public hearings.

The transcription of the testimony taken at trials and hearings is performed by means of personal computers and CAT (computer aided transcription) software, the electronically coded version of the testimony being downloaded from a writer. Translation of the notes may be in real time, the notes being transferred directly to a laptop computer, or via a WIFI and/or Internet connection.

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