We are proud to announce that two of our students have passed their second 225 wpm tests! 225 words per minute with three speakers for five minutes is the highest speed we test for at our program. The students are required to pass all speed tests with 95% accuracy, which is no easy feat!

As has become customary by this point, both Hana and Michael have been employed by a local court reporting firm before graduating. We’re sure the daily writing at their new positions gave them the boost they needed to get past those exiting speeds.

Hana in one of the conference rooms of her new office

We visited Hana at work and she expressed that she is learning so much on the job. We missed Michael because he was too busy out on a deposition to come to our photoshoot. (His priorities are in order.) He was kind enough to stop by the school to snap a few pictures and give a pep talk to all of our theory students.

We are so excited for them both to start their new careers and become the guardians of the record we trained them to be!