Tuition and Fees

Tuition for 108 weeks (432 hours)


Textbook fee

Media fee

Total Cost

No transcript or diploma will be issued until all fees have been paid in full.
There is a $15 fee for returned checks.

Payment on enrollment:




First month’s tuition

Total cost at the time of registration

Second to twenty-sixth months, $375 per month, payable two weeks prior to the beginning of each month.

Make a Payment

You can pay the total enrollment cost, make a tuition payment, or pay any other amount using the PayPal buttons below.

Pay Monthly Tuition: $375

Pay Total Enrollment Cost: $840

Pay Custom Amount:

Financial Aid

Since the program involves only four class hours per week, it does not qualify for loans and/or grants. However, some students receive tuition assistance funded by company plans, the New York State employees’ tuition reimbursement program, and various state and private workforce development and disability programs.

Refund Policy:

If termination or withdrawal occurs the school may keep:

First and Second Terms

Prior to or during the first week 0%

During the second week 20%

During the third week 35%

During the fourth week 50%

During the fifth week 70%

After the fifth week 100%

Subsequent Terms

During the first week 20%

During the second week 35%

During the third week 50%

During the fourth week 70%

After the fourth week 100%

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