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Court reporters in New York State make an annual mean wage of $106,340 according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2022). Court reporting also offers predictable working hours, a professional work environment and opportunities for on call and freelance work. Furthermore, court reporting is a necessary trade in every US territory, and many other countries.

Evening classes are two hours twice a week with an additional two to three hours of daily at-home work (approximately 10 hours per week) which allows our students to maintain other aspects of their life while pursuing a diploma in a respected and profitable field.

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Primary Practice Areas

Freelance Reporting

While most often associated with court reporting, stenographers often find work recording for businesses and other official events.

Court Reporting

Our primary focus is preparing our students to enter the field of court reporting.


Stenography skills are also applicable in captioning for television and film.

What is a Stenographer?

A stenographer, or court reporter, transcribes speech using shorthand in order to provide an accurate transcript for future review. Court reporters are usually employed by courts, private firms or non-profit organizations.

Primary Focus

While stenography is applicable in many circumstances, the Stenographic Institute of Western New York specializes in preparing students to enter the field of court reporting immediately upon graduation. To this end, the Stenographic Institute includes classes in medical and legal terminology as well as English for court reporting.

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From Our Graduates

“I went to Stenographic Institute in the ‘90’s taught by the amazing Godfrey, along with many other amazing professional court reporters! I loved that I was able to hold a full-time job and go to school two evenings per week. Stenographic Institute gave me the foundation I needed to succeed in a 25+ year career – no two days are ever alike!”

Kelly Rinehart

“Great program taught by all working and former court reporters! I graduated having confidence in myself and ready to work in the field. The teachers are all very supportive. Highly recommend!”

Katlyn Domagala

“Attended Stenographic Institute from 2007 to 2009. I feel so fortunate to
have been able to attend a school that was so close to home and I loved that it was only two hours two nights a week of actual instruction. The rest was just practice, practice, practice!
All working or retired reporters teaching the program and they helped find placement after I graduated!”

Ashley Overholt

Recent News

Classes are underway

Our March classes are off and running. We are excited to see the future of court reporting look so bright! The 8th Judicial District just exhausted the current civil service list by hiring new reporters and promoting a significant amount of grade 24 reporters to grade...

FREE Basic Training Course

FREE Basic Training Course

Project Steno’s Basic Training course is a free hands-on intro-to-steno course where you will learn the rudiments of machine shorthand theory.

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