Court Reporting Curriculum

Our 108-week program includes the following courses:

Machine Shorthand Theory

The objective of the machine shorthand theory course is to the methodology, reasoning and techniques of shorthand using a stenotype allowing the student to both read and write shorthand.


Machine Shorthand Speed Building

The objective of the shorthand speed building classes is to apply shorthand theory to actually typing on a stenotype machine, then increase speed and ability until the student meets the required graduation speed of 225 wpm.



The objective of the keyboarding course is to enable the student to attain a minimum of 40 adjusted words per minute, rated by adaptive response software, and use the keyboard and mouse to navigate Windows applications.


Computer Aided Transcription

The objective of the CAT course is to enable the student to use a Windows based application to produce a realtime translation, to manage the files associated with that translation, and to modify a core dictionary for personal writing style.


English for Court Reporters

The objective of the English course is to enable the student to produce a transcript demonstrating not only Standard English skills, but also punctuation of extemporaneous speech, which is common in most hearings.


Legal Terminology

The objective of the legal course is to enable the student to demonstrate an understanding of legal terminology and procedures encountered on a variety of reporting assignments.


Medical Terminology

The objective of the medical course is to enable the student to demonstrate a familiarity with medical terminology.


Court Procedures

The objective of the court procedures class is to familiarize the student with typical court processes and events in order to better prepare them to enter the court environment.


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